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Hospitality Sales, Consumer Sales, SalesForce Management,Market Research,Brand Marketing

"We hired Ms. Elliott from a pool of 25 qualified Caribbean Sales Executives who were presented to us through a few very notable head hunters in the region. Ms Elliott stood out from the very first meeting simply because of her readiness for the task that was being presented. We were very pleased with her performance overall and as the company restructured it's Caribbean operations in 2006, Ms. Elliott was high on our list of executives that we offered contunous partnership. Her attitude to work and her problem solving techniques are second to none"- Garfield Collins, Senior VP-South American Markets, Contact Garfield Collins

"I was very impressed with Heather's  work ethics and negotiating skills. She is truly an exceptional Sales Leader with great drive and superb precision. I highly recommend Heather"- Andrew Themis, Former CEO of Chloe Foods Limited

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We hired Ms. Elliott just over a year ago to assist us in revamping our magazine-JAMROCK Magazine, the world's number one Caribbean Lifestyle Publication and the results were profitable and extremely satisfactory. Heather is incredibly talented and brilliant in what she does. Our magazine, after suffering major financial setbacks  due to lack of advertising  revenue was able to produce one the the biggest covers and best selling publication in our history under Ms. Elliott's direction. (December/January 2010-Micheal Jackson Cover) After working with us for just three months, Heather was invited to take on the role of Editor- At-Large to ensure the continued success of the magazine. I respectfullly and eagerly recommend Ms. Elliott -David Annakie-Publisher, Media Mogul.

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I first met Heather some sixteen years ago through a mutual friend and we have remained supportive of each other's careers since then. I have admired Heather's tenacity, ambition and drive to success ever since I met her and the same is even more telling now as she matures in the professional world. Heather is vibrant, fresh, intelligent and savvy and I am sure she will do well in whatever tasks she is given to manage. I highly recommend Heather! -Marcia Miller-Montana, Director ,Internal Revenue Service (Southeast, FL)

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Heather Elliott is perhaps one of the most talented young minds I have worked with in a few years. Her professionalism is worth emulating and her drive is incredible. Heather will  definately be a great asset in any organization. Major J. Green-The Pierre Hotel (Formerly of the Plaza Hotel)

I ladmired and respected Heather as my boss at Royal Plantation. She taught us so much about  marketing and selling that soon after she left, the entire department wanted to apply for  Marketing courses. Ms. Elliott is so diplomatic and engaging. I would love to work for her again- Andre Reid, Marketing Manager (Former Employee)