Business Enterprise & Marketing Executive

Hospitality Sales, Consumer Sales, SalesForce Management,Market Research,Brand Marketing

Marketing & Sales Consultancy

Consults in the following areas;

  •          Trade Marketing,  Brand Marketing,Training and Service, Promotions, Business Development
  •          Fashion & Lifestyle Marketing
  •          Website Development and E-Marketing Communication
  •          Merchandiser and Category Management Training
  •           Market Research and Marketing Reports
  •           Develop and monitor community  sponsorship programs
  •          Product research & Placement strategies


Elliott PR Group Inc

  • A boutique PR, Marketing and Management Firm

Assistant Vice President- Business Development and Strategy Planning

TTP Inc/A Division of Harris Corporation  2006-2011

  •        Manages the team based in The Americas
  •        Manages all major Projects and bid for Government Agencies
  •      Manages the  commercialisation ofall projects   
  •        Creates programs and documents  geared towards  CTO, WTO and CDB  for sustainable tourism
  •          Manages the marketing and PR Teams
  •       Oversees special budget and procurement of over US$4,000,000 Anually.

 Enterprise Development Manager-South East USA

Chloe Foods Inc (Blue Ridge Farms Division) 2005-2006

(Contracted  Consultant for 1 year )

  •  Managed 16 Sales Reps and 86 Merchandisers daily
  • Managed and supervised the daily business dev. operations for the south east.
  • Managed Budgeting and procurement for over $8.2 million dollars in yearly combined sales
  • Responsible for training and recruiting of hourly staff & MITs
  • Coordinated the Sales activities for three stores
  • Managed and execute all Regional  Corporate marketing programs
  •  Created and Monitored Budget and Cost Control
  • Worked closely with R& D to ensure market compliance
  • Credited to the success of the Wal-Mart/Chloe Deal for my region
  • Trade Monitoring and Reporting
  • Creation and distribution of comp set reports
  • Coordinator of the HACCP initiative for the Region (Consumer Resource)

Director Sales and PR

Royal Plantation (Jamaica) 2003-2005

  •          Managed the Sales and PR departments
  •          Management Trainer
  •           Solicited local and international business
  •           Negotiated  all local sales and groups Contracts
  •           Execute and coordinate all major group activities
  •          Created all local Sales Campaigns and blitzs

Country Brand Manager- Masterfoods-FMCG Division 2001-2003

  •          Managed the merchandising and Brand Trade for Mars products
  •          Created and coordinated all Advertising and Marketing Programs for Jamaica.
  •          Chief Trade Liasion for distributors in Jamaica
  •           Worked directly with  the Sales Teams assigned through Distributors Islandwide
  •          Trained all Merchandisers/Sales Reps for Distributors in Jamaica.
  •          Created the first Pedigree All Breed Dog Show in the Caribbean
  •         Credited for increasing Pedigree  dog food sales and Confectionary distribution by over 22% o for two consecutive quarters
  • Spearhead all Community Relation and Sponsorship Programs

Corporate Sales Manager- Fortune 500 Consumer/Communications

Plaza Hotel (A Fairmon Hotel)- 1998-2001

         Prospecting and Qualifying of new clients

         Managed the Sales Accounts for Pfzier, Mars Inc, Kelloggs, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, NBC Universal, Siemens

         Handled the contract renewal and negotions of fortune 500 key accounts

         Special events & site inspections

         Produced monthly sales report and sales forecasts


 Resort Sales Manager

Braco Village Resort-  (Superclubs))- 1993-1995

        Produced Sales Contracts, BEO;s

         Special events & site inspections

         Acted as MOD for Front of the House

         Managed contracts between Travel Agencies and Tour Operators


19951998                           Oakwood College                              Huntsville, AL

B.A., Mass Communications 

Certificate in Training-Fairmont Hospitality

 Numerous On-the-job Sales Seminar Certificates

Numerous on the job training and development certificates

HACCP Training &  Certification



PC Skills: Advanced Computer competencies including Microsoft


Experience relating to the success of the position applied for;

          Solid Networking and Industry Experience in Marketing

         Experienced in Marketing Negotiations and Brand Management techniques

         Ability to work effectively on solving client issues and instituting preventative maintenance

         Ability to Multi-Task and coordinate various deadlines effectively

         Savvy  Knowledge of Demographic Marketing Analysis and Research

         Experienced in the Caribbean Consumer Markets

         Ability to work with all levels of management and employees

         Sales & Revenue Management experience

         Excellent organizational and coordinating skills

         Experienced in handling and coordinating events of all sizes both corporate and otherwise

         Media and PR savvy

         Skilled Trainer

         Excellent Computer and E-Marketing Skills

         Skilled at creating P&L spreadsheets, Competitive Analysis