Business Enterprise & Marketing Executive

Hospitality Sales, Consumer Sales, SalesForce Management,Market Research,Brand Marketing

During the course of a diverse and successful fifteen  year career in Sales & Marketing, Hospitality and Brand Marketing and Enterprise, Heather Elliott has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary leader and a revered trouble shooter and turnaround expert. She has worked with some of the world's finest hotel management companies including the famed Plaza Hotel and Superclubs Resorts and has managed mega portfolios for some of the world's leading Consumer brands.  Heather is not only skilled in the Sales and Marketing arenas, she is known to assist as PR and Production consultant for some mega stage productions locally and internationally. She has been a part of the success of several large production and promotional endeavors both in Jamaica and overseas including the Michael Jackson Concert of Madison Square Gardens in 2001 and has continued to consult in Public Relations for STING (Reggae Festival)  MIDEM in France and other prominent entertainment endeavours.  Heather was credited by the JTB for being a major player in taking the Sinbad Soul Music Festival to the Island in 1996-1999 which brought significant revenue to the northcoast.

Heather has developed successful Training and Marketing programs for some of Jamaica's top resort chains including Superclubs Resorts in 2002 and Sandals Flagship Leading Hotel Property-Royal Plantation in 2004. In 2005, Heather was contracted to train and head the marketing initiatives of Kia Motors in Jamaica through it's North American Sales Office. Most recently in November 2009 through the NGO-Minority Women in Businesses,(funded by US GOV and GOV grants given to small businesses) Heather Elliott's Services Consulting arm was awarded the opportunity to work as Small Business  Development Consultant with the SBA arm of the US Government to aide women starting a hospitality or entertainment business in 2009-2010. Apart from managing   business units in her the corporate environment daily, Heather has had great success with helping to create and implement successful Marketing Programs for small to medium size business in a variety of interests.  

Heather attended Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama and is curently pursuing an MSc. in Organizational Physcology with the University of Phoenix.  Heather has benefited from numerous certification training programs including E-Cornell and Harvard Business Courses on the job and independently.